The ISCW - Terrier
- Characteristics of this breed of dog -

Quotation Mrs. M. HOLMES:
"The Wheaten as a dog is unusual in many ways:
the warm honeycoloured silken coat; the desire to please; the curiosity that makes him want to be in everything that is going on; the boundless energy and vitality; the infinite patience with children who can be trying at times; the bright intelligence; the non-shedding coat; the adaptability of the tough, hardy nature to all walks of life; the defence without aggression....
The Wheaten is not a 'coat trailer', but he will fight if provoked. A dog without spirit is but a poor speciman, and, if the fight is forced on a Wheaten, the aggressor stands a very small chance of being the winner." ((M. Holmes, The Softcoated Wheaten Terrier, pages 4 + 5).

Height & Weight)

Height at the withers:
Dogs 18 - 19 ins (46 -48 cm). Bitches somewhat less.

Dogs 40 -45 lbs (18 -20.5 kg). Bitches somewhat less.


A good clear wheaten of shades from light wheaten to a golden reddish hue.


A single coated dog (non-shedding coat).Texture soft and silky to feel and not harsh. Young dogs excludet from this.
The coat has to be brushed and combed 2 - 3 times a week.
The developement of the coat is finished when the dog is around 24 months of age.

In neraly every respect the wheaten is a "late developer" !.

This dog needs a lot of affection and activity and - as any other breed of terrier -
a loving but consequent education ("Irish stubborn").