Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

- Development of the breed in the Federal Republik of Germany -

1970 First entry of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (so the breed was still called at that time) into the Stud-Book of KFT (Klub Für Terrier e.V., D-65451 Kelster- bach).
His name was'Wheatlodge Kevin Flynn', an imported dog from England who was never shown or used at stud.


First German wheaten-litter, bred by "Wheaten Rebel's" - kennels out of
' Ch. Halloween Ail Mo Lurgan' from the breed of Mrs. Beute-Faber (NL) and
''Ch. Newkilber Camelot' coming out of the famous "Newkilber" kennels owned by Maureen Prokosch + Jean Peterson (IRL), two Americans, who lived in Ireland. Later on they went back to Minnesota.


Ch. Halloween Ail Mo Lurgan
Mult-Ch. Newkilber Camelot (World Winner. '79 + '81)
In the '80th 'Newkilber Camelot' was the most titled ISCW-T. (World-Winner '79+’81).
Robin as he was called, affected with his descen- dants (only in Germany 170) the European ISCW breed in outstanding way.
The prefix "Wheaten Rebel's" is registered by Mrs. Margret Möller-Sieber, D-36132 Eiterfeld. She and her husband Gerhard Möller have made up over 50 home-breds of International status over 100 national Champions and five World Winner titles.


Eight Wheatens were imported to Germany.
Two dogs and a bich came from "Waterford" - kennels (USA), one bitch from "Finchwood" - kennels (GB) and one bitch from "Oak's" - kennels (NL). They all went to "Fantastic" - kennels registered by Mrs. Beate Meinecke, Nienhagen.
One wheaten-pair bred by Mary Bourke (IRL) wents to "Wheaten Star's" registred by Mrs. Gerda Tank, Elmshorn.
From the Irish "Newkilber" - kennels one bitch was sent to "Wheaten Rebel's".


Under the prefix, "Fantastic", used by Mrs. B. Meinecke, the first litter was whelped (Sire'Skelling's Irish Rascal' and Dam 'Finchwood Tansy').
The second litter, a breeding between 'Skelling's Irish Rascal' and 'Waterford Jetsetter' an imported bitch bred by M.+ D. Shoemaker, USA, produced 'Fantastic Butterscotch'. He and 'Lontree Waterford Wiggins' were the main stud dogs in the "Fantastic"-kennels" with together thirtyfive litters and 297 descendants.
Currently "Fantastic" has grown up the highest number of ISCWT's. in Germany.

"Wheaten Star's" - kennels registered by Mrs. G. Tank, Elmshorn, started 1980 with six puppies. Sire 'Timothy Stardust' and Dam 'Lady Jane'. Both were imported one year before from Ireland.


"Wheaten Rebel's" made another significant import from Ireland, the Irish Ch. 'Newkilber The Quiet Man' . He travelled the show trail with 'Newkilber Camelot' and "Newkilber Killala" a wonderful bitch who collected five international Championchips and was World Winner Bitch '81 + '85.
'Newkilber The Quiet Man' ( Mario) was the first wheaten of his breed to win a Terrier Group in Ireland.
He finished up with national titles in five countries and one World Winner title.

"As stud forces the impact of 'Multi Ch. Newkilber Camelot' and 'Multi Ch. New- kilber The Quiet Man' had a tremendous effect on the ascendancy and develop- ment of Wheatens worldwide....both of these remarkable dogs are 100% IRISH in their long lineage which goes right back to the beginning of the breed".
(M Holmes, The Softcoated Wheaten Terrier, S. 105).

Mult-Ch. Newkilber The Quiet Man (World Winner '86)


"Glen Affric" - kennels, owned by E. Beckmann, started to breed Wheatens. The breed based on 'Newkilber Fleure' a later on International Champion and World Junior Winner bitch.

In the same year "von Rüschbrook" - kennels, had the first Wheaten-pups out of 'Cereal Cederic de la Richesse' an imported dog from Holland bred by Mrs. W. Alberts-Bolk, and'Wheaten Star's Astra' bred by Mrs. Tank.


Dam of the first litter in the "Lenter Wheaten" - kennel was 'Danterri Wheaten Bonadea' imported from Danmark by Mrs. A. Sievers, Malente. Sire was 'Lontree Waterford Wiggins'.
"Lenter Wheaten's" biggest success was 'Ch. Lenter Wheaten Linus', owned by Mrs. A. Franz. Linus gained the title World Winner Dog, in 2001.

Mrs. Edda Schinke, Molfsee near Kiel, whelped her first litter of ISCWT's under her prefix "Sundance". Her foundation bitch was 'Fantastic Dear Desirée'. With Desirée and 'Lontree Waterford Wiggins' Edda started very successful. 'Sundance Abbot' coming out of her first litter won the European Champion title. At the moment "Sundance" - Wheatens collected thirteen national titles.


Erika + Erk Kaiser, choose "vom Sennhüs" for her prefix. The foundation bitch was 'Wheaten Rebel's Georgy Girl' bred by Margret Möller-Sieber. Sire of the first litter was 'Carnan Caisil Mo Lurgan' bred by Mrs. Beute-Faber (NL). The kennel produced between 1984 and 1998 twenty Champions. Twelve of them gained the Int-Ch. title.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, could welcome the first Wheaten-litter ('Fantastic Butterscotch' ex 'Fantastic Periwinkle') under the prefix "Wheaten vom Wolfshorst". Owner of the kennel is family Suhr.

"Courageous Wheaten"- kennels, founded their breed on Wheatens from "Wheaten Rebel's". Sire was the very successful 'Wheaten Rebel's Captain Courageous' and dam the later on World Winner bitch 'Wheaten Rebel's Peg Of My Heart'.


"Wheaten Rebel's" - kennels had great success with importing a wonderful whelp-dog from "Danterri Wheaten" - kennels (DK), owned by Birthe & Bjarne Jakobsen.
His name was 'Danterri Wheaten Man About Town'.
"Danterri Wheaten" based its breed likewise on Wheatens from the Irish "New- kilber" - kennels. So the continuity of the "Wheaten Rebel's" breed line was still guaranteed throug this import.
Michael, how he was called, was a success from the word go.
He captivated by its first-class heredity and his show career is legandary and probably unsurpassable.
Michael finished up with nine national titles, two times Europe Winner and three times World Winner. Nine times he awarded to Best In Show !

Mult-Ch. Danterri Wheaten Man About Town (World Winner '90+'91+'94)


Kennel foundation "Wheaten Volunteer's" by Christina + Jürgen Thorberger. Their foundation Wheatens came from "Wheaten Rebel's" named 'Wheaten Rebel's Lord Nelson' and 'Wheaten Rebel's Tina Turner'. Both growed up to big Champions.
Tina's success as a wheaten-mother was exeptionally. This outstanding bitch had four litters with total fitythree welphs: mating ex 'Wheaten Rebel's Lord Nelson' 10 + 12 whelps; mating ex 'Tousled Gipsy's Artus' ,16 welps and mating ex 'Danterri Wheaten Man About Town', 15 whelps.
At the World Winner dog Show 2002 in Amsterdam, the winner bitch was 'Wheaten Volunteer's Fleetwood's Meggy' coming out of 'Derravara Failger Firestorm' (sire) and 'Wheaten Volunteer's Calamaty Jane' (dam) Congratulations to Chr. + J. Thorberger and to the owners Drs. Hessling!


"Wizard Wheaten's" registered by A. + H. Herbertz, Duisburg, whelped the first eight pups out of the mating between 'Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Captain Courageous' and 'Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Yill' .
The parents of 'Wheaten Rebel's Love Affair', another bitch owned by "Wizard Wheaten's", are 'Ch. Danterri Wheaten Man About Town' and 'Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass'
(Two time Vice - World Winner bitch)
Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass (Vice-World Winner '90+'91)


The kennel name "Never Lasting's" belongs to A. Bayer + D. Manthey. They started out with 'Ch. Danterri Wheaten Kris' and the remarkable successful 'Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Kiki Dee'. The kennel succeeded in whelping a World Junior Winner dog. It was 'Never Lasting's A Star Is Born', who is living in Finnland.

"Choroschie Drusja's" started in Wheatens with 'Ch Danterri Wheaten Kris' and 'Ch. Wheaten Rebel's Larissa'. Choroschie Drusja's is registered by V. + J. Chlebosch. The kennel whelped two Wold Winner ('Choroschie Drusja's Jonny B. Good' + 'Choroschie Drusja's Melody Of Love').


P. + A. Richter, "vom Diekhof" - kennel, based their breed on 'Ch. Danterri Wheaten Kris' and 'Ch. Sundance Lambada'.
In 2000 they imported from Finnland in partnership with"Wheaten Rebel's" the whelp 'Wheatstone Flashdance". Later on he was titled INT-Ch..
Today it seams that both kennels "vom Diekhof" and "Wheaten Rebel's" work closely together.

  KFT-Junior-Ch. Wheatstone Flashdance

2006 According to the Stud-Book of Klub Für Terrier e.V., Germany ( Bd 97 / 2006 ), there are 4.405 Wheatens bred in Germany.

This is not a complete description of breeders and kennels in Germany !

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