"Vom Diekhof"
email: PuARichter@aol.com

Petra u. Andreas Richter
Moordiek 23
23 820 Pronstof
Tel.: 0 45 56 / 12 48


We fell in love with the ISCW-Terrier in 1990 when we saw him the first time.
Two years later a wheaten bitch became a part of our familie.

5 Wochen alte Welpen Spielwiese

We are living in the nothern part of Germany in the middle of the triangle Kiel, Hamburg and Lübeck. (have a look on the map)

In 1996 our kennel was foundet .
Our intentions in breeding ISCW-T. are Wheatens with healthy, vitality and a tough, hardy nature.

Petra Richter (Kennel "vom Diekhof")

Mutter mit Kind


Andreas + Petra Richter